How to Decorate Your Large Luxury Living room? Detailed Guide

How to Decorate Your Large Luxury Living room? Detailed Guide

Living rooms are the a crucial part of our houses. It is where we welcome our guests, watch tv, have a chat with loved ones, and so on. We spend a considerable amount of our time here. Because you spend a lot of time in your living room, it is the most important part of a house that should look modern and luxurious. Of course, it needs to be comfortable as well. Achieving comfort and luxury at the same time has never been easier thanks to Mogno who has been in the luxurious home design industry for over 35 years.

Particularly, if you have a large living room, you might feel overwhelmed with a lot of space to decorate. You might be wondering how to fill extra space or create an immense living room filled with luxury from scratch. Don’t worry Mogno has you covered with its amazing quality and luxurious designs. After all, your living room is the spotlight of your house and we care about our customer’s interior design!

Whether you like modern, classic, or avant-garde styles, we have suits that match all styles.

For Gold Lovers: Adriana Living Room & Angelina Living Room

A luxury room requires certain basic elements. For instance, a chandelier that is elegant is a must. Sofas and chairs that go well with that chandelier will create collectivity in the room. In front of those sofas should lie a sophisticated coffee table. All the elements should suit each other regarding the level of luxury.

As you can see the Adriana Living Room has a magnificent, long, glass chandelier. Sofas are embedded in gold headings and blue fabric to fit the glory of the chandelier. In the Angelina Living Room, the coffee table is much more than just a coffee table! It has detailed gold embroidery on the side and a mirror in the middle of the black glass. Having detailed features such as these pieces is a good idea for a luxurious design. If you are a gold lover you probably know that gold is a very predominant color and that what makes it seem so elegant. Everything should be able to carry that dominancy. Magnificent and luxurious designs are a must for gold lovers.

Achieving the Modern Look with Art Istanbul Cream Living Room

A modern living room should be simple but elegant. With the right choice of colors and pieces, you can create a very modern living room. Modernity requires quality. That is why the quality of your furniture is a vital portion of creating a luxurious modern living room. As you can see in Art Istanbul Cream Living Room, the cream colors create an elegant and sophisticated look even on their own. The TV set and the coffee table that follow the same pattern with their shiny look also complements the modernity. As you can see, less can be luxurious too as long as you pick the right brand.

Keeping It Traditional with Elis Living Room

If you are one of those people who care about the values and traditions that have been around for a long time, some essential pieces are needed. You should definitely have wood colors for instance. Your sofas should not be very colorful. Chesterfield sofas which have been a classic could be a good option. In the traditional but luxurious Elis Living Room, you can see all these elements. Whether you are an old soul or a young one who loves the traditional elements, a room like this will best fulfill your needs.

Julianna Living Room for Dark Color Lovers

Dark-colored living rooms have emerged especially in the last decade due to their strong characteristic look. They generate a very powerful image as they are very bold in color. Adding a few silver elements in your preferred dark color furniture (dark blue, black, grey, etc.) will create great harmony. Your chandelier should be flamboyant to blend in with the rest of the dark look. Again chesterfield sofas should be considered as they create a dominant look. In the Julianna Living Room, you can see the luxurious harmony of the chandelier, coffee table, and silver-dark blue sofas.