Brand Story

Sometimes a tree; offers you a silent symphony. Strength with the soil, with the wind; in unity. Then this symphony meets the future of thousands of years of woodworking.

These lands are the roof of world civilizations, the homeland of teachings and talismanic touches. As for us; We are just a messenger. Turkey’s worldwide furniture design and craftsmanship ambassador. Now we will present you the symphony of the tree, as it has been for 25 years.

Our masters tell the world’s most magical story for you. Mogno with Türkiye; rewrote the story of furniture!

Because we love these lands very much


While we care about the satisfaction of our guests as much as our product quality in our brand journey; Creating a brand image that adds value to the world is our priority. With the New Classical Furniture Design approach, which is a wind that directs furniture design trends, we are working hard to be a brand that sets trends, not set them. While combining handicrafts from past to present with art; Prioritizing a sustainable life; We care about the sustainable welfare of both nature and all living things.

Because we love these lands very much


As Mogno, one of our main goals is to carry out the entire process of the new classic furniture concept we have created with perfect professionalism.

At the same time, it is our most valuable road map to explain the value of our corporate culture and wood craftsmanship to the whole world for thousands of years.